An Introduction To "Doing The The Work​ " A Life Long Journey, Inward

Our thoughts, actions, words ,emotions, intentions, perceptions, patterns, even people and situations we attract into our lives, are vibration based via the laws of attraction and the laws of polarity simultaneously working congruently. We will expand on this in future articles, classes and pod casts. 

    Consider, with a deeper view of the law of attraction, we attract both what we need and what we want. What we need isn't always congruent with what we want, this is what I refer to frequently as friction. Remember being a child and not always getting your way? Well nothing has changed except, for most of us our bodies have gotten bigger and older. For some reason our culture seems to teach us, with willfulness we can have what ever we want. This creates the majority of the issues in our relationships. Our needs are met through trust, gratitude, discipline and consistency of effort. The cost of our wants are payed many ways. By money, Time, Stress, relationships, health etc... 

   Although pursuing our wants can take discipline and consistency, the payment will tend to cover much more of  the full emotional spectrum and have a high vibrational cost (a weakened energy field). The third variable is operating out of fear and not really pursuing either your wants or your needs, this path has possibly the most costly outcome because it is a constant energy drain with no rewards.

   Our Intention is to assist in differentiating and managing these needs, wants and emotions For The Highest Good Of Everyone Involved, this brings everyone in harmony with each other and enhances any space where these people are gathering. These energetic situations are being played out through our relationships on a daily basis. How we handle these situations, on an on going basis, could be a large part of one's decline of well being and difficulty in their relationships.

These relationships include how we view  our communication skills or our connection with... 
One's Self?  With Money? With Your Parents?  With Your Siblings? With Extended Family? With Social / Friends? With Your Children?  With Work / Associates/ / Boss? With Your Life Purpose? With Your Spouse/Partner? With Source or Creator (Known by many different names) 
and how energetically draining all these situations add up for us over time. 

How do you balance your energy or feed your mind, body and soul to bring it back to homeostasis? 

When you are experiencing emotions, it is costing you energetically and changing the frequencies you project, therefor altering what you are attracting into your life or your level of Well being?

   Example:  if you experience disappointment form time to time, which normally leads to frustration, consider, disappointment cannot exist without expectations. So if we release these frequencies (thoughts/reactions) of expectations we will not experience disappointment which can become an unnoticed pattern that constantly drains your energy daily attracting more opportunities for disappointment and frustration. WE CAN CHANGE THE WAY WE AFFECT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND HOW OUR ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS US.

    The roles that you play in all the above relationships do not have to be limited to the experience you are presently having. A strong Conscious and Compassionate vibration can redirect a weaker fear based vibration with the help of self discipline and consistent practice. Once the friction of change or challenge is created, the energy field wants homeostasis. 

  Starting with 1-Recognizing the Emotional Activation, 2-resisting  outward reaction (but releasing ASAP), 3-Acceptance of the situation at hand, 4-wanting the lesson to be made clear, 5-setting a new Intention, 6-following through with new adjustments on a consistent basis. Different people and different situations begin to appear or the people and situations around you will begin to play out differently and a different way of experiencing life will be available. This is a type of Conscious Manifestation. Focusing on changing yourself rather than projecting your dislikes for everyone around you. This method in return has a useful and inspirational affect on those that Love and support your well being.

   We grow the most during trying or challenging times, but it may be that the more we resist the situation the more the accumulation of cost, so to say. Acceptance is key, when we receive the lesson and make the necessary internal adjustments it doesn't need to continue repeating externally. This is a true, pure manifestation for the highest good of everyone involved. Not trying to change anyone else but supporting them by changing how their words or actions affect you and in return, due to the laws of Energy Transference and Polarity, they will either begin to shift as well to stay in resonance with you or remove themselves from being around you. So by noticing patterns, understanding why they are there, where they originated, consistently practicing acceptance, forgiveness and initiating different thought and action (to retrain the sub conscious) and filtering the toxicity in your environment, you can change your Frequency or Vibration and hold it to RE-create your HUman experience. With practice these steps can happen within a few minutes.

The Vibro Tune Sound Tables are some of the most useful tools to assist these transitions and this is why we design, build and make these units available in a wide price range so that most anyone can have consistent vibrational support during these growing and challenging times.

We consider this the path to Complete WELL BEING on all levels and we are compassionate that this deep transitional work takes time so please be gentle with yourself. This HUman RE-creation is an example of affecting change all around you by changing One's Self... With the Grace and Support of the Divine Energy

1-Accepting, we are emotional Beings and the challenges this brings, 2-Learning to manage and properly release, not suppress, these emotions 3- be conscious of how we are affecting our environment and how our environment is affecting us and 4- an understanding of the following Formula

~Physical or mental dis-ease likely comes from a weakened subtle energy field                             

~A weakened subtle energy field likely comes from extended emotional distress                                                                                        ~Emotional stress is typically the result of poor communication in our RELATIONSHIPS of all types

~The core of well being may be found in how we grow our consciousness to communicate and be less reactive and defensive.          

We provide many tools to assist your journey to Well Being and Internal Growth... 

"Gradual, consistent changes over long periods of time equals Lasting Results" 

This is how we change our frequency, similar to tuning a guitar or other musical instrument. Sometimes we need to tighten the string of our being by accepting friction and issuing self discipline and sometimes we need to loosen it through forgiveness, compassion or just letting something or someone go...  

 "If it's challenging for you to do, it's usually good for you"  This internal Friction has the potential to strengthen your energy field and vitality.

These are a couple of our foundational pillars in this work. These changes radiate out like ripples affecting everyone around you as these frequency shifts happen in an internal way and radiates to those around you through subtle energy like ripples a pebble can make in a body of water. In this work you are not changing for someone else, which eventually creates resentment or you're not giving up any of your power, but strengthening your weaknesses, therefor adding tools to your tool belt to be better prepared for what life brings.

    You are truly changing and investing your energy in yourself and the people you Love rather than exhausting your energy on the people you are resisting or that is resisting you. For you, this shift in frequency will continue to enhance your life and relationships on going and although the growth never stops the rewards along the way are immeasurable. It is about how effective you want to be on the journey to the unknown destination.                    

I once had a teacher that said, the highest level of service is when no one knows how you helped, who was being helped, where the help took place or when the help occurred. True unconditional giving, through internal management and expansion of one's self while looking for nothing in return...  

This can be your gift to the Divine, to Yourself, to the World and to Everyone you come in contact with... 
 Let's GROW together, Expand our awareness, Realize our Power, Experience Childlike Joy, 
                                                 Do Our Work, Shift our frequencies and Exemplify The Changes we are asking of others.                                                                                                                                     
With Deepest Appreciation and Respect for Everyone on Their Path​



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Welcome to the home of VIBRO TUNE Sound Tables, Self Help Tools, Services, Classes, Performances, Products and more.  

As an introduction, some of the topics we focus on here at HUman RE-creation will include

- Subtle Energy Awareness, 

- Conscious Communication,

- Understanding your Relationships, of all types

- Releasing Family Lineage and Emotional baggage 

 - Seeing challenges from a Polarity view rather than a Duality view

- Everything is Frequency based 

- It's all Vibration

    Our mission here at HUman RE-creation is to assist one's Personal Growth and Wellness from a subtle energetic perspective while aligning with our individual life path. This in return benefits all levels of our being, physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual . 

The platform for this view starts with the foundational understanding of "Everything is Frequency Based Vibrational Energy ".  

Nikola Tesla was quoted as saying

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of  Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

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