Has been working with and developing his Philosophy of Self Growth Practices, Subtle Energy Work, Sound Healing, Emotional Release Work, Relationship , Conscious Communication Strategies, Writing , Recording , Performing Music, Frequencies, Vibration, Birth Chart Analysis and Wellness, congruently, for over 21years.


Alexander offers private sessions or group services such as, multi level life coach, astrological birth analysis consultant (Human Design), work shop facilitator teacher, subtle energy worker, sound therapy practitioner,  multi instrument performer, recording engineer, producer, writer, artist, poet, philosopher, product designer, developer,  and perpetual student of this ever evolving, Beautiful Life Experience. It's all vibration, right, and it's all connected.

Alexander is the owner and facilitator of HUman RE-creation LLC and Journeys Unite as well as the pioneer of Vibro Tune Sound Tables. He holds certification in Sound Healing and Psychoacoustics from The Globe Institute in San Francisco, California as well as multiple other subtle energy techniques, methods and certifications. He has studied with many other various teachers with interests ranging from ancient shamanistic sound healing energy techniques to modern day scientific approaches to sound therapy, subtle energy healing modalities, the inspiration of the Vibro TuneSound Tables and ways of improving one's Self. 


Alexander enjoys assisting others to see more clearly and understand the challenges they are facing in life while pointing out the support they have available to them. He supports who you have been conditioned to be while shinning the flashlight on the path you were designed to follow, to become the person your Soul is passionate to be. He works toward helping one to understand why their life is going in the direction it is, what lessons are there and how to move through them in a useful and releasing way. Helpful issues like, how to set boundaries and communicate better with those around you and how to learn to recognize peace and contentment. 

​​I look forward to our paths crossing in the future, safe journeys...  Along the way look for playfulness sitting beside friction having a conversation with contentment. You may be on the right path...