Self Exploration & Conscious Relating Class Level 1

Level 1

 We will be studying and developing ways to - break habits, understand others, increase intimacy in all your relationships (starting with yourself), raise and teach your children more consciously, raise your own personal vibration, work to understand your life purpose, manage your emotions, relate to your surroundings, communicate with loved ones as well as associates more clearly, grow inwardly, release self doubt as well as be more useful, productive and creative. 

Level 1, Part 1 & 2 (3.5 Hours each)  $45 per class 

Self Exploration & Conscious Relating Class Level 2

Level 2

We will start with a brief review, question and answer of the Human Design and Card systems. Have you been working with any of the tools you learned about yourself? Have you made any adjustments to how you relate with others around you? Are you able to tell when you are operating outside of your design and have you realized how it affects you?

Level 1 part 2  (3.5 hours) $45


After the review time, we will be discussing how to utilize this information in day to day situations. How to adjust our perceptions and energy field for better outcomes for everyone involved. We will go over more techniques for deeper levels of communication and relating on all levels. We will cover more emotional release techniques and how working with releasing family lineage issues can help us in all areas of our lives. These subjects and so much more will be covered in this very informative class.

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