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 Welcome to the home of Vibro Tune Sound Tables Systems and more. These state of the art, made to order, Sound Therapy tables produce gentle frequency based vibrations that massage every cell in your body, passively, through bone and skin conduction while remaining fully clothed and listening to the music via headphones or room speakers, a Sonic Bath if you will. You hear and feel the music and frequencies simultaneously washing over you bringing you into a harmonious state of mind, body and energetic field or (spirit). Sound travels up to 5 times faster through water than air and our bodies are over 70% water, this is the most basic example of the power of these systems and their effectiveness. Remember, everything is vibration, right. As Nikola Tesla has said " If you want to know the secrets of the universe, look in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". 


 If we take the basic principle of Everything is vibration.... We as a culture are getting bombarded continuously by unwanted sounds, vibration and frequencies from such sources as unnatural lighting, T.V., cell phones, power lines, office noise, traffic noise, etc. and all the emotional frequencies people ripple out day in and day out. Remember... it's all frequencies, energy and vibrations we are exchanging and absorbing. 

The Vibro Tune Sound Table System is one of the most powerful tools known to balance this noise vibration pollution in a passive., peaceful, resonant and cumulative manner. The music that comes with the systems, or that is sold separately has been recorded with the purest of intentions and based around frequencies found in nature or tunings from ancient cultures. Cumulative sessions support this natural desire to be in harmony with nature and bring us back to homeostasis through relaxing, releasing and realigning.

Results are typically felt after just one session. As a practitioner, working with your clients in combination with sound and vibration, consider putting the client on the Vibo Tune Sound Table 15 to 20 minutes before beginning their massage or other modality. Their body likely will be released of tension and ready to receive your work more effortlessly, more deeply and  even benefiting  them longer. These systems work great for all types of practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, psychiatrists, energy workers, life coaches, reflexology practitioners, etc.

Vibro TuneSound Systems come with everything you need upon arrival to get started with your Sound Sessions right away. We tailor your package to match your needs. From Spa's to personal use, these systems will enhance most any modality or act as a stand alone therapy.

BONUS~ After you finish your long day of seeing clients, now it's your time. Just lie back on your Vibro Tune Sound Table and in 30 minutes change your whole perspective on life or your day without including ANYONE... 


Welcome to the next level of therapy and self care. Spa Owners,  Professionals,  and Self Care Enthusiasts alike are catching the Vibro Tunes vibes.