A Frequency Based Philosophy for Wellnes,

Conscious Communication and Self Growth

Please join me and my co host Aaron Keith as we continue an on-going conversation revealing this way of BEing and Relating in our Podcast.

"J.U.S.T.  Another Way" The Philosophy

Journeys Unite Seeking Transformastion

This Philosophy is the foundation of the above mentioned Podcast as well as Alexander's Private Sessions, Classes and Sound Journeys...

Subjects covered, but not limited to, are... 


*Self-Growth (breaking habits, releasing family lineage, feeling fulfilled)

*Conscious Relating (what our relationships can teach us, how to communicate optimally in all types of relationships, intimate, children, family, social and/or business)

*Emotional Wellness (responsibility, proper release, what’s the lesson, managing reactions. A complete emotional processing)

*Frequency, Vibration and Subtle Energy

*Five Pillars (the foundation of this philosophy, to bring one back to center)

     1. Finding Divine Order in the chaos – practicing free will of perception, choosing to feel supported even in situations not preferred (Faith). Everything is in Divine Order whether I understand it or not. Accepting a (no) in life (or rejection) as well as a (yes) (Approval). Sacred Geometry is throughout nature. Microcosm/Macrocosm, as above so below, the external reflects the internal. Releasing victim mentality. Often, things happen for a useful reason & so called miracles happen daily

     2. Everyone is Your Teacher – assessment without Judgment of ourselves and others, as judgment extinguishes opportunities for internal Growth. People are sub consciously playing roles for others, consistently (I can’t believe I said or did that, very unlike me). We are all connected. Listen for what the person is attempting to communicate rather than focusing or reacting to the words that are chosen. Intention of what someone is attempting to convey over word selection. Word repetition is needed, avoid discarding what you feel you have already heard or already know.

     3. Polarity vs Duality – acceptance vs resistance, redefine positive & negative, feminine and masculine energies are present each individual. This is the plane of Polarity, all growth and life depends on it. Examples are… Yin-Yang energies, North Pole-South Pole, Birth-Death, Peace-War, Night-Day. Duality is a choice, or judged through perception. Examples are… right-wrong, good-bad, win-lose, etc.

     4. Emotional Accountability & Responsibility – be the one to stop the negative emotional ripples, release the past, all blame and consider people as role players to teach you what you needed to learn, to overcome and become, who you were meant to be. Refrain from releasing negative emotion on others. Release emotion through expression of writing, speaking when no one is around, exercise, meditation, etc.

         5. Everything is Vibration – change the internal vibration, the external circumstances shift, subtle energy = science not belief.

As well as the

*5 Priorities, *5 Internal Options, *5 External options,

*5 External questions & 1 Internal Search

For more than 20 years Alexander has studied and practiced the arts of subtle energy, relationships, conscious communication, self-growth, emotional release/management and sound therapy congruently. Here we will be discussing how all of this information works together to shift or tune us, towards Wellness and a more Conscious way of Being and Relating. As worded so beautifully many years back by Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”